Why Mediation is Better…

Here’s a great article on Why Mediation is Better for Couples and Their Children from Susan Ingram. I came across the article on LinkedIn, and as people are often asking me questions about mediation, I found this article to be brief but loaded with powerful points. Peace ~  

Our Team (Aris FC 02 Red)

  One of the highlights of my year has been coaching this team of boys (Aris FC 02 Red). They are everything that is right about sports, and they constantly reminded me to smile and to enjoy the moment. Well done kids and parents! I’m proud to have been your coach.

Phrases for Active Listening

One of the most common barriers to effective communication is when we allow our thoughts to shift to the substance of what we want to say in response to someone while they are still talking. I see this all the time in mediation, with my children, and in my own interactions. The interruptions are most often verbal but can be […]

The Rare Ones Ask Questions

Most people talk. Few people listen. The rare ones ask questions. Why are questions so important? What purpose do they really serve. Questions seem to play three simple yet powerful roles in our conversations or relationships. They… 1) Show that you are listening and maybe that you care (Huge in the trust building phase of a relationship […]