Conflict Styles

Conflict is inevitable. It happens, but when conflict happens, how do we handle it?  A well know conflict model (shown above) says that we are one of five conflict styles people use when faced with conflict. These frames have actually helped me a great deal in doing basic situational assessment. Once you know how a person […]

Contemplation Calibrates Everything

I am a big fan of Chad Jarnagin’s work on the Luminous Project. I have been blessed by being a part of Luminous gatherings, by spending time pouring over the works of its participants, and by helping to facilitate various moments at Luminous events. If you aren’t familiar with the Luminous Project, it is a […]

Conflict 101

“Did you ever notice how difficult it is to argue with someone who is not obsessed with being right?” – Wayne M. Dyer   This quote that came through my feed from Unstuck got me to thinking about arguing and more importantly conflict. Since I began working as a mediator, I have become more and more […]

Understanding Family Mediation

Here’s a great video from the UK that explains family mediation in broad strokes. You’ll see the benefits but also probably notice toward the end of the video that there are a few differences that are unique to their context, but the video does a good job of explaining the benefits of the mediation process.